Taiwan doubles down on prepackaged food nutritional claims

Taiwan doubles down on prepackaged food nutritional claims

The Taiwan Food and Drug Agency (FDA) has launched its second regulatory review on the topic in the past 24 months.

The Taiwan FDA first initiated proceedings to seek public opinion on the approval of new regulations to enforce tougher conditions on nutritional labels to prevent ‘hidden’ or ‘implied’ messages on food and beverage products back in 2021​.

After reviewing multiple responses from manufacturers and other supply chain stakeholders, the agency launched a second public consultation round on these regulations in August 2023, after making several major revisions to the initial draft.

“In particular, Taiwan FDA has added various clear examples of what ‘prohibited’ nutrition claims will include – such as ‘higher in’ or ‘richer in’ particular nutrients when it comes to the declaration of nutritional facts for certain foods and beverages,”​ the agency stated via a formal statement.

“The products of particular concern are listed in Table 7 of the regulations, including amongst others foods and beverages high in sugar and carbohydrate content – these can include processed grain products, dried fruits, bean-based products, candies, chocolates, snacks, certain sauces and more.

“New specific requirements have also been laid out for food manufacturers to attach ‘high in’ or ‘rich in’ claims to their products with regard to components such as Protein (minimum 12g for 100g solids and 6g for 100ml liquids), Vitamin B6 (minimum 0.48mg for 100g solids and 0.24mg for 100ml liquids), Vitamin D (3µg per 100g solids and 1.5µg per 100ml liquids) and so on.”

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