Every Archetype Damage Perk In Remnant 2, Ranked

Every Archetype Damage Perk In Remnant 2, Ranked

The wilds of Remnant 2 are not for the faint of heart. Many deadly creatures scattered across the land. Large, dangerous bosses lurk in the dark, waiting for a poor survivor to stumble into their clutches. With the wrong tools, it’s easy to fall prey to whatever evil is out there. Thankfully, Remnant 2’s archetype perks give you an extra boost when you’re fighting your way through the unknown.



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If you’re someone who seeks out fights, then damage perks are the way to go. Each class, known as Archetypes, gives you a helping hand in the form of increased range, higher damage, and much more.

11 Scavenger – Explorer

Remnant 2 scavenger perk for explorer archetype

The Scavenger perk is designed for those who grab their well-earned loot as soon as a fight is done. The perk grants that all pickups increase damage dealt by half a percent per stack for 20 seconds. If you pick up more, the duration increases for a maximum of five stacks.

The perk can prove especially helpful if you find yourself in large areas with lots of enemies. Grabbing loot mid-fight can give you an extra boost of damage to help clear out an area. At level six, you’ll also gain a five percent chance on critical hits while the perk is active. While it’s not the best perk out there, it can prove useful when exploring becomes dangerous.

10 Amplify – Archon

Remnant 2 amplify perk for archon archetype

The Amplify mod increases mod damage by five percent, making it a useful perk if you enjoy playing around with mods you collect. The upgrade to the perk increases the mod damage by 30 percent and grants ten percent on mod critical hit chance. The base numbers of the Amplify perk may not seem very useful, but pairing them with the right mods can make for interesting games.

Later in the game, you may grab Special Weapons dropped by bosses. These weapons contain permanent mods that can’t be changed, making it less flexible to use different mods. So, while the damage is nice, the perk doesn’t hold up against many others.

9 Invigorated – Medic

Remnant 2 invigorated perk for medic archetype

Invigorated gives you a two-and-a-half percent increase to all damage and, when upgraded, grants an 18 percent increase to all damage along with a five percent critical hit chance. As the effect increases as you level up, the Medic perk can give you a hand during tough fights, no matter the weapon you’re using.

It’s not the best perk available; the smaller numbers make it easy to glance over when compared to other damage perks. However, it holds up as a decent perk for an archetype that’s centered around healing.

8 Liquid Courage – Alchemist

Remnant 2 liquid courage perk for alchemist archetype

The Liquid Courage perk gives you a two-and-a-half percent increase to all damage. Once at level six, all damage increases by 25 percent, and you gain a five percent critical hit chance.

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This perk ranks higher than the Medic’s simply due to higher numbers, but, otherwise, there isn’t much special about it. Considering the archetype is tailored towards team players rather than solo wanderers, it does a decent job at giving a boost during a fight. It can be a good choice for both boss fights and clearing out areas, but it still isn’t the best of the bunch.

7 Dominator – Summoner

Remnant 2 dominator perk for summoner archetype

As Summoner is quite a unique class, its damage perk is no different. With a three-and-a-half percent increase in mod and skill damage while a minion is active, and a three percent increase in ranged and melee damage for 30 seconds, the perk sits well for those who enjoy leaving minions to do all the work.

In comparison to other damage perks, however, Dominator falls short of its potential. If you’re able to find the right jewellery then the damage can be buffed even more. Until then, the base perk sits comfortably behind many others.

6 Deadeye – Hunter

Remnant 2 deadeye perk for hunter archetype

Deadeye gains you a four percent increase in ranged damage and a one-and-a-half percent increase in weakspot damage. In comparison to the number of other perks, Deadeye doesn’t give such a huge advantage at first glance.

Upgraded, you gain a 24 percent increase in ranged damage, nine percent weakspot damage, and five percent in range critical chance. With the upgrade, it can prove quite useful when engaging with enemies further down the road, making it a nice perk for standing back to clear an area before moving in.

5 Shark – Invader

Remnant 2 shark perk for invader archetype

Using the Invader perk means that sprinting for one second or evading will add one stack of momentum that increases ranged and melee damage by a seventh of a percent for 15 seconds with a maximum of five stacks.

Invader is an incredibly useful perk for players who enjoy bouncing around during fights. The stack potential makes it fairly easy to increase damage quickly and combining it with other perks, like the utility perk, Circumvent, can make for a deadly combination.

4 Pack Hunter – Handler

Remnant 2 pack hunter perk

The Pack Hunter perk grants three percent in ranged and skill damage when your companion is active and within 40 meters. At level six, your ranged and skill damage increases by 18 percent and ranged and skill critical chances are increased by five percent under the same conditions.

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The Handler’s main quirk is its companion; an extra teammate can always come in handy when you start feeling overwhelmed. The perk’s increased damage and large radius mean you and your companion can make quick work of taking down enemies without feeling boxed into a small area. When at work with other perks, the pack hunter perk can see a huge increase in damage to win any fight.

3 Shift Shot – Gunslinger

Remnant 2 shift shot perk for gunslinger archetype

Shift Shot increases your fire rate by one-and-a-half percent along with a two-and-a-half percent increase to ranged damage. Once at level six, the fire rate increases by 15 percent, ranged damage increases by 25 percent, and you gain a five percent critical chance for all firearms.

While the perk might not seem like much at first glance, it can be much more powerful when combined with other perks. The increase in fire rate means you can gain the advantage and wipe out enemies while taking a step back and relying on increased range damage.

2 Close Quarters – Challenger

Remnant 2 close quarters perk for challenger archetype

Challenger perks are all about gaining an advantage over enemies when fighting. Since most Challenger players are going to fight at close range, the Close Quarters perk gifts you with your own small fighting arena.

The perk gives a three-and-a-half percent increase to all damage to enemies within ten meters; that bonus will taper off until you reach 20 meters. When upgraded, all damage is increased by 21 percent and critical chance is increased by up to ten percent until 20 meters away. The best thing about this perk is the increase for all damage types, which gives you much more free range on how you want to fight.

Whether you’re a fan of melee or prefer to stick with guns, Close Quarters will always give you a powerful boost.

Remnant 2 metalworker perk for engineer archetype

The Metalworker perk is, undoubtedly, the best perk in Remnant 2. It gives an increase in skill damage by five percent, five percent more ammo capacity for heavy weapons, and a two-and-a-half percent increase in max health. When at level six, the perk increases skill damage by 50 percent, skill critical damage by ten percent, heavy ammo capacity by 50 percent, max health by 25 percent, and grants you a nice 25 percent boost in weakspot damage.

The number of boosts alone is enough to put this perk at the top of the list. When combining it with other perks of the Engineer Archetype, you can cause some serious damage to both bosses and smaller enemies throughout the entire game.

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