Stellantis offer to UAW: 14.5% raises, no ratification bonus

Stellantis offer to UAW: 14.5% raises, no ratification bonus

“This is a responsible and strong offer that positions us to continue providing good jobs for our employees today and in the next generation here in the U.S.,” Stellantis North America COO Mark Stewart wrote in a letter to employees. “It also protects the company’s future ability to continue to compete globally in an industry that is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles.”

Stellantis matched the GM and Ford proposals to raise temporary workers’ starting pay to $20 per hour and reduce the amount of time it takes new hires to reach top wages from eight years to six. Stellantis currently starts temps at $15.78 per hour.

Like GM, Stellantis said it would add Juneteenth as a paid holiday.

Fain appeared on Facebook Live Friday to blast Stellantis’s offer, saying the 14.5 percent wage increase was not enough.

“It doesn’t make up for inflation, it doesn’t make up for decades of falling wages and it doesn’t reflect the massive profits we’ve generated for this company,” he said.

He also said Ford’s latest counter offer, released Thursday, made some progress on wages, although the two sides remain far apart.

Ford is now offering a 10 percent wage increase over the deal, Fain said, up from a previous 9 percent offer. The union did not specify if Ford’s lump-sum bonus offer had changed; it had previously offered 6 percent in total bonuses.

Fain also said Ford’s latest offer shaved another year off the time it would take for workers to reach top wages; they’re now offering a five-year path, down from the eight-years it takes today.

Fain also said Ford is offering a cost-of-living adjustment formula that he labeled “deficient.” He said it would provide an “estimated zero percent wage protection” over the next four years.

“That’s not COLA, that’s not even diet COLA,” Fain quipped. “That’s Coke Zero.”

Fain reiterated that the union does not want to strike but will walk off the job at any company it does not have a deal with on Sept. 14 at 11:59 p.m. He noted that negotiations were ongoing with every company.

“This is movement,” he said. “That’s happening because we’re putting on pressure.”

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