We Tried Martha Stewart's Trick To Removing Red Wine Stains And Said 'Cheers!' To The Results

We Tried Martha Stewart’s Trick To Removing Red Wine Stains And Said ‘Cheers!’ To The Results

Following the last flush, there was no need to complete step five, which recommended applying a powdered, non-chlorinated bleach, because all of the stains had washed out by then. Or had they? The final result of our experiment couldn’t be revealed until we hung up our fabric swatches and allowed them to air dry. After about two hours, they were warm, dry, and ready for inspection. Even the whitest option, the performance weave made out of multi-layered yarns, didn’t have a mark on it.

Overall, Martha Stewart’s method for getting red wine stains out of carpets and fabrics was very effective. It required some elbow grease, patience, and a variety of products to get the job done. However, the necessary materials for the job are commonly used in the home, easy to find at a grocery store, and somewhat affordable. If you are ever in a situation where you need to get a fresh red wine stain out of fabric, Stewart’s clearly laid-out steps will do the trick.

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