10 Magnesium-Rich Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

10 Magnesium-Rich Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

10 Magnesium-Rich Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

06 Sep, 2023

Jigyasa Sahay

Hypertension Diet: Magnesiums is an important componenet to have in your diet to regulate blood pressure level.

Citrus rich foods like oranges can help lower BP as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals that may aid to boost heart health.

Sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and other components that soothes the blood vessel.

Dark chocolates has flavanoids that help arteries to relax lowring resistance for blood flow. Hence, it is good for lowering BP, but should be consumed on doctor’s advise and in moderation only.

Lemons are rich in citrus that help to lower hypertension.

Leafy Green Veggies have potassium, magnesium that helps to keep blood pressure level in check.

Avocado help to lower sodium level in blood, eases up blood vessels and hence is great source for blood pressure.

Figs or anjeer are good source of potassiums that can significantly help to reduce blood pressure.

Pumpkin Seeds: This little magnesium-rich snacks are great source to lower BP. It has concentrated nutrients important for hypertension diet.

Salmon is a healthy fish that helps to lower inflammation aiding blood pressure.

Quinoa is a healthy magnesium rich snack that can be used in salad, toast etc.

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