Delaware County restaurant inspections

Delaware County restaurant inspections

Violations and comments on food-safety inspections conducted last week by the Delaware County Health Department of establishments with liquor licenses, which contained 10 of 13 with violations:

Casey’s Saloon and Restaurant, 812 N. Lansdowne Ave., Drexel Hill:

• Two soda gun nozzles in bar area are not clean to sight and touch.

• Food in walk in refrigerator is not marked with a use-by date.

• Animal droppings observed on top of large cans on bottom shelf of prep table. Cans disposed of by manager.

• Insect Control Device is over food or food preparation area in kitchen.

• In-Use Utensils are stored incorrectly behind bar. Knife stored between ice bay and table.

Mickey’s Tavern, 129 S. State Road, Upper Darby:

• Disposable paper towels not provided at the hand washing sink in restrooms.

• In-Use Utensils are stored incorrectly in ice bay. Scoop handle in contact with ice.

Romarco’s Italian Resturant and Tiki Bar, 451 E. Baltimore Ave., Clifton Heights:

• Hand washing sink not located in the tiki bar area.

• Hot water sanitizing rinse at dish machine is less than 180°. Repair unit so that hot water rinse is maintained between 180° to 194°.

• Unapproved insecticide (Terro Wasp & Hornet) is being used.

• In-use utensils are stored incorrectly between table edges and on oven handle.

• Reach-in freezers, domestic style refrigeration units, microwave, mini refrigerator, and blender found in use on-site do not meet ANSI/NSF sanitation standards.

• Fixed piece of unmovable equipment (3 compartment sink) has a gap between the equipment and the wall.

• Equipment not in good repair. Damage and rust observed along exterior base of walk-in cooler.

• Physical facilities shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. Old mouse droppings present on floor behind shelving.

• Flooring tiles in the food prep and dishware storage areas were found with cracks, not smooth and easily cleanable.

• Unnecessary items (boxes) / non-functional equipment (steam table and reach-in refrigeration unit) found in the basement dining and tiki bar areas of the facility.

• Excessive grease buildup was found on the wall and ceiling surfaces adjacent to the exhaust hood.

• Lighting in the dishware storage area was found to be insufficient for that area.

• Ceiling vents in the food prep area were found with accumulation of dust on them.

Sterling Pig Brewery, 609 W. State St., Media, Aug. 28:

• Area around the outdoor waste receptacles is soiled, creating a nuisance and pest attractant. Outdoor grease trap container heavily soiled, and pavement around dumpsters.

• Drain plug for the dumpster or waste compactor is not secured to the unit.

• Unnecessary items no longer of use to the establishment operation or maintenance found stored in and around the waste storage area making the area difficult to access and clean properly.

• A public health hazard or nuisance is being created in the area designated for refuse container(s), recyclables, and returnables and redeeming machines for recyclables and returnables where food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single service and single-use articles are located.

• Storage areas, enclosures and /or waste receptacles were found damaged or in a state of disrepair.

Sterling Pig Brewery, 609 W. State St., Media, Sept. 1:

• Storage areas, enclosures and /or waste receptacles were found damaged or in a state of disrepair.

• Drain plug for the dumpster or waste compactor is not secured to the unit.

Tommy’s Tavern, 541 MacDade Blvd., Collingdale:

• Facility has no employee illness reporting policy.

• Establishment does not have procedures for employees to follow when responding to discharging of vomitus or fecal matter.

• Napkins placed inside of handwashing sink, handwashing sink utilized for handwashing only.

• Food items held for longer than 24hrs undated in reach in refrigerator

• Food storage containers in facilities prep refrigerator are not labeled with common name of food.

• Mop not being hung to air dry.

• Maintenance tools (Broom, Mop, and dust pan) were found stored in food prep area of facility

Beirhaul Restaurant, 341 Thornton Road, Thornbury:

• Ice Machine is not clean to sight and touch; pink slime present.

• Four fly traps over food preparation areas in kitchen.

• Exterior door allows access for pests.

• Unnecessary items no longer of use to the establishment operation or maintenance found stored in and around the waste storage area making the area difficult to access and clean properly.

The Beer Frame, 2228 Haverford Road, Ardmore:

• Soda gun is not clean to sight and touch.

UNO Pizzeria & Grill, 1516 Providence Ave., Chester:

• Person In Charge is not a Certified Food Protection Manager who has shown proficiency of required information through passing a test that is part of an accredited program.

• Ice machine observed with heavy organic build up; soda dispenser nozzles observed with organic build up.

• Observed spray bottle at bar with clear liquid with no name label.

• Internal thermometers missing from several cold holding units in kitchen.

• Tongs/spatulas stored in pot of water 118.5F on cook line; Dicer block in prep observed with dried food; deli slicer observed with food build up.

• Prep utensils on green shelf above sink in prep stored on surface with grease build up.

• Accumulated build up observed on non food contact surfaces as noted below: Wall in dish area observed with black build up; bottom of salad cooler has accumulated build up and debris; bottom of fry stand up freezer had accumulated debris; bottom of both pizza coolers has excessive build up; walk in cooler shelves observed with heavy organic accumulation by prepped food storage; gaskets on cook line have build up; hot hold box in pizza has build up; vents above prep have dust accumulation; bump screen bars (buttons) have build up.

• Walk in freezer floors in disrepair; booster heater at dish machine spraying water from back of unit.

Pinocchio’s Pizza, 131 E. Baltimore Ave., Media:

• Observed a sanitizing bucket in the hand sink in the bar area.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, 1305 West Chester Pike, Havertown:

• Food stored in an unapproved location on the floor of in the walk in refrigeration unit.

• Soil residue present on air vents in the walk in refrigeration unit.

The extra details

Most of the violations are handled on the spot and a few require follow-up visits.

Eight of the 14 inspections were routine, with five follow-ups, and one complaint with a follow-up the same week, meaning there were 13 establishments visited.

Delaware County presents the inspections without comment, other than the reports themselves.

Three clean bills of health (no violations):

• Craig’s Tavern, 3110 Township Line Road, Drexel Hill

• The Frosted Mug – Acme Markets #0773, 1305 West Chester Pike, Havertown

• Drexel House, 4039 Garrett Road, Upper Darby.

A la carte

Tinicum Township reports through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website, and had two inspections during the week and both restaurants were in compliance. They were Gachi Sushi & Noodle, 8500 Essington Ave., Essington; and Jack Duggan’s, 8000 Essington Ave., Essington.

It’s not clear if those establishments have a liquor license, since the state website doesn’t classify inspections in that way.

Tinicum is the only one of the seven Delaware County townships that don’t rely on the county health department for inspections that reports through the state.

Governmental entities are not obligated to report the results of food-safety inspections to the public. It’s unclear if any of those other townships provide public access to food-safety inspections.

The Daily Times makes minimal corrections to spelling, capitalization and punctuation from the reports.

Here are last week’s inspections in Delaware County.

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