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The Incorrect Day | Ep. 193

Think of a time you showed a person.

Perhaps you showed a pal, by providing half your sandwich or allowing them obtain a publication. Perhaps you showed an unfamiliar person, by giving away clothes, food, or playthings.

We’re about to fulfill a personality that’s everything about mentor others to share. Since she recognizes that providing can be its very own present!

Our tale is called “The Incorrect Day.” It’s motivated by stories from the Eastern Eastern island country of Japan.

Voices in this episode consist of Helen Barrington, Erika Rose, Nick Sholly, Liza Lapira and also Telly Leung.

Liza Lapira stars in The Equalizer on CBS and also the current vacation movie Need To Love Xmas. Telly Leung is presently starring contrary George Takei in the UK best of the Broadway musical Obligation. He’ll next off be seen in Period 3 of Warrior on HBO Max.

This episode was adjusted for Circle Round by Rebecca Sheir. It was modified by Nora Saks. Initial songs and also audio layout is by Eric Shimelonis. Our musician is Sabina Hahn.

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(Sabina Hahn for WBUR)

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Points To Think Of After Paying Attention

What’s one open-hearted act you can do today?

Perhaps you can make a get-well card for a pal that’s been really feeling unhealthy, or aid a developed with a job. Possibly you can make a bird feeder for your feathery buddies outside, or clean your wardrobe and also give away the clothes you no more wear.

Think of your open-hearted act, after that go and also do it. When you’re done, consider a brand-new act you can do following week. If you’re really feeling enthusiastic you can do something kind on a daily basis of the week: Sunday with Saturday!

Music Limelight: Shamisen

Eric Shimelonis plays the shamisen: a Japanese lute derived from the sanxian – a Chinese stringed instrument with a snakeskin-covered drum-like body – which was introduced to Japan during the sixteenth century. (Courtesy of Rebecca Sheir)
Eric Shimelonis plays the shamisen: a Japanese lute originated from the sanxian – a Chinese stringed tool with a snakeskin-covered drum-like body – which was presented to Japan throughout the 16th century. (Thanks To Rebecca Sheir)

The long-necked fretless Japanese lute referred to as the shamisen has a drum-like, rounded square body and also a curved-back pegbox with side secures. The shamisen additionally has 3 twisted-silk strings; actually, the Japanese word shamisen equates to the English expression “3 strings.”

Lots of artists contrast the noise of the shamisen to that of the American banjo, because the shamisen’s catskin-covered body in a similar way enhances the noise of the strings (note: nowadays, the product utilized to cover the body is artificial). Commonly, the shamisen has actually come with Japanese narrative tunes, Bunraku (creature cinema), Kabuki (dramatization), and also koto chamber songs. However nowadays you can listen to the shamisen in whatever from rock-and-roll to jazz and also bluegrass.


STORYTELLER: Lots of moons earlier, in a far-off land, a new queen concerned power. When she initially took the throne, the queen took a look around her imperial domain name and also observed that much of her individuals had significantly… yet also extra of her individuals had extremely little. There was a raw comparison in between those with a lot of food on the table, and also those whose cabinets were bare.

So the kind-hearted queen released an imperial announcement.

QUEEN: I thus mandate that on the very first day of monthly, I will gather contributions of food for those that are battling to manage! I will dispatch my carriers throughout the land… and also to those of you that are extra lucky, I ask you to check into your hearts and also share what you can with those that are much less lucky! If we interact, we can tighten the range in between the riches and also the have-nots!

STORYTELLER: When the queen’s topics listened to the information, the majority of them were greater than pleased to provide what they could.

CITIZEN 1: I’ll give away 2 bushels of fruit from my ranch!

CITIZEN 2: I’ll give away 3 pet crates of fish from my catches!

CITIZEN 3: I’ll join in 4 loaves of bread from my bakeshop!

STORYTELLER: However there was one individual that was anything yet pleased: an effective rice vendor that lived and also operated in a captivating community by the sea.

VENDOR: Uch! That does this queen assume she is? Asking us tireless individuals to give away our hard-earned food? I’ve placed a lot of blood, sweat, and also splits right into my service, and also this ridiculous emperor anticipates me to provide points away completely free?!?

STORYTELLER: The vendor recognized that when the queen’s carrier concerned community and also identified his flourishing store and also elegant clothes, he might never ever escape giving away absolutely nothing.

VENDOR: For that reason, I need to discover a means to provide as little as feasible… and also make certain the queen’s carrier never ever goes through my door once more. However exactly how? I need to assume!

STORYTELLER: So the vendor started to assume.

VENDOR: (as if having an abrupt suggestion) Suppose –?!? No.

STORYTELLER: …and also assume

VENDOR: (as if having an additional suggestion) Exactly how around –? No.

STORYTELLER: …and also assume.

VENDOR: I recognize! I’ll – No.

STORYTELLER: …Till lastly…


STORYTELLER: …he thought of a strategy. A strategy which he used a couple of days later on, when he listened to among the imperial wagons bring up outside his store…

[SOT: wagon wheels, horse]

STORYTELLER: …and also saw among the imperial carriers come going through his door.

[SOT: door opens, bell jingles]

VENDOR: Oh, hello there! May I aid you?

CARRIER: I think you can! I am below in behalf of Her Royal Greatness the Queen! Her Royal Highness is asking those that have the ability to give away as much food as they can to those in requirement. Are you the proprietor of this service?

VENDOR: Yes! Yes, I am!

CARRIER: Effectively. After that it’s my task to ask you what you can give away today.

VENDOR: “What I can give away today”…?!?

STORYTELLER: The vendor damaged his chin.

VENDOR: You ask what I can give away today! Well, it so occurs that I can give away one bag of rice.

STORYTELLER: The carrier gazed about and also observed the store’s sleek floorings, its freshly-painted wall surfaces, and also its sophisticated lights hanging from the ceiling. After that she looked at the vendor, and also observed his pricey fit, his dazzling watch, and also his glossy footwear.

CARRIER:  I value the deal of one bag of rice, sir… However with all due regard, the queen is asking everybody to contribute their reasonable share! You appear to be running an extremely effective service below. Certainly you might pay for to provide greater than simply one bag. I’d claim you might pay for to give away three-way that!

VENDOR: You imply, 3 bags of rice?!?

STORYTELLER: The vendor placed his hands on his hips.

VENDOR: 3 bags of rice runs out the inquiry! I ensure you, Carrier, one bag of rice is all I can provide today! You see… a company like mine is extremely unforeseeable. 

CARRIER: Uncertain…?

VENDOR: Yes! Packed with ups and also downs! All of it relies on the day! And also you, great carrier, have actually shown up on the incorrect day!

CARRIER: The “incorrect day”…?

VENDOR: Right!

CARRIER: You imply “incorrect”…?

VENDOR: Incorrect is right!

CARRIER: Uh-huh… So… on the incorrect day, you’re claiming that all you can give away is one bag of rice?

VENDOR: Exactly!

CARRIER: What Happens If I were to turn up on the “right” day?

VENDOR: If you were to turn up on the right day, I might give away as much rice as you ask! That’s the transforming nature of my service!


STORYTELLER: The carrier believed for a minute.

CARRIER: …However exactly how will I recognize when it’s the “right” day?

STORYTELLER: The vendor felt his heart dive. This was the minute he’d been awaiting!

VENDOR: Well… because you ask… it so occurs I’ve been keeping an eye on all my right days and also all my incorrect days. And also all my incorrect days are as complies with. (beat) In fact, do you have a pencil on you? You may want to create this down.

STORYTELLER: The carrier got to right into her bag and also got a pencil and also paper.

VENDOR: Okay! So my incorrect days are… Sunday…

CARRIER: Sunday…

VENDOR: Monday…

CARRIER:  Monday…

VENDOR: Tuesday…

CARRIER:  Tuesday…

VENDOR: Wednesday…

CARRIER:  Wednesday…

VENDOR: Thursday…

CARRIER:  Thursday…

VENDOR: Friday…

CARRIER:  Friday…

VENDOR: … and also Saturday!

CARRIER:  …and also Saturday!

VENDOR: On those days I can just provide you one bag of rice!

STORYTELLER: The carrier peered down at her notes.

CARRIER: Okay, so if I obtained this right, after that –

VENDOR:  You imply incorrect!

CARRIER:  If I obtained the incorrect days right, after that they are as complies with. “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and also Saturday.”

VENDOR: Right! I imply, incorrect! I imply, you obtained the incorrect days right!

CARRIER: Okay. However those are all 7 days of the week! If all 7 days of the week are the “incorrect days,” after that which day could potentially be left?

VENDOR: You imply “potentially be right”!!!

CARRIER:  Uch! You recognize what I imply! With all 7 days being “incorrect” days, what day does that leave?

VENDOR: Well! Isn’t it evident? It leaves the day on which I’ll provide you all you request for!

STORYTELLER: The vendor tossed back his head and also blurt a laugh. He seemed like an extremely brilliant man.

However below’s the important things.

The carrier… was an extremely brilliant girl. And also she was identified to confirm simply exactly how brilliant she was – and also reveal the crafty vendor that 2 might dip into this video game!

[theme music in]

STORYTELLER: What do you assume: will the imperial carrier outmaneuver the parsimonious vendor? Or will it be vice versa?

We’ll figure out what occurs, after a fast break.

[theme music out]


[theme music in]

STORYTELLER: Welcome back to Circle Round. I’m Rebecca Sheir. Today our tale is called “The Incorrect Day.”

[theme music out]

STORYTELLER: Prior to the break, a charitable queen decided that as soon as a month, her wealthier topics need to give away as much food as they might to the bad.

However a specific rice vendor in a captivating community by the sea wished to give away much much less. So he informed the queen’s carrier that she got here on the “incorrect” day, so all he might give away was one bag of rice. The “incorrect” days, he described, were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and also Saturday. All 7 days of the week!

The carrier recognized the vendor was fooling her. So the brilliant lady chose she would certainly play a technique right back.

CARRIER:  Excellent vendor. I value you clarifying your circumstance. And also I’ll inform you what. Considering that this month I got here on the “incorrect” day, I will certainly go on and also gather your one bag of rice. However I will certainly return following month. And also we’ll see exactly how points turn out.

STORYTELLER: When the carrier went back to the royal residence, she reached function collecting an instead interested collection of products.

Initially, she located a lengthy item of rope. After that a lots pads of creating paper. A loads bags of flour. A loads pails of water. And also one large bathtub.

The following month, when it was time to head out and also gather the following round of food contributions, the carrier packed her products right into her wagon, utilized up her steeds, and also laid out throughout the nation… heading directly for the enchanting community by the sea.

She got here in the center of the evening, when everybody was asleep. She parked her wagon in the community square, straight before the vendor’s store. And also in the light of the moon she unloaded her products and also reached function.

Initially, she loaded the large bathtub with the lots bags of flour.

CARRIER:  Okay… in you go!

STORYTELLER: Following, she gathered the lots pails of water…

CARRIER: I mustn’t throw away a decline!

STORYTELLER: …after that she utilized a large spoon to blend all the flour and also water with each other.

CARRIER:  Ooo! The flour and also water are incorporating to create a sticky paste! Perfect!

STORYTELLER: The carrier established the paste apart, after that removed the paper from all one-dozen creating pads.

CARRIER: There we go!

STORYTELLER: Following, she utilized her paste to adhesive the sheets of paper with each other, alongside by side.

CARRIER: I’ll stick this sheet to this sheet… and also this sheet to this sheet… and also this sheet to this sheet…

STORYTELLER: By the time she was done, the carrier had one massive paper – so massive, it used up the whole community square!

CARRIER: Ha ha! This is excellent!

STORYTELLER: Since the carrier had her substantial paper, she collected its 4 edges and also connected them along with the rope. So ultimately, the entire point appeared like an enormous paper bag.

It was early morning now, and also the community square was filling with individuals. When they spotted the big paper bag they were confused! However one of the most confused individual of all…

VENDOR: What on the planet…!???

STORYTELLER: … was the rice vendor.

VENDOR: What is this gigantic paper bag doing below? It’s obstructing the front of my store! No clients will certainly have the ability to be available in! That’s responsible for this monstrosity?

STORYTELLER: The imperial carrier progression.

CARRIER: I am accountable, sir. I’ve pertained to gather this month’s contribution. Of food. For the much less lucky.

STORYTELLER: The vendor rolled his eyes.

VENDOR: Ah yes. I remember you. You’ve pertained to take hard-earned food from tireless individuals like me so you can provide it to every one of those careless freeloaders around. However what’s with the bag?

CARRIER: Well, great vendor. I’ve invested the previous month reviewing your charitable deal.

VENDOR: “My charitable deal”?!?

STORYTELLER: The vendor furrowed his eyebrow.

VENDOR: What “charitable deal”?

CARRIER: Oh, you recognize… Your charitable deal to provide me all the rice I requested for if I began any kind of day besides Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

VENDOR: Ah yes… that deal. However today is Tuesday!

CARRIER: Precisely! It’s the “incorrect” day! However I’ve determined I’m not mosting likely to wait on “the best day.” I will certainly take the one bag of rice you guaranteed if I began the incorrect day. And Also this

STORYTELLER: She gestured towards her substantial paper development.

CARRIER: This is the bag!!!!

STORYTELLER: The vendor’s face dropped.

VENDOR: However – when I claimed “one bag,” I didn’t imply a bag this large!

CARRIER: It doesn’t matter what you indicated! This is a bag, is it not? It has sides, and also a base, and also a top, and also currently all we need to do is load it up with rice and also we’re great to go!

STORYTELLER: The vendor started to shiver and also sweat.

VENDOR: However if you load this bag up with rice, my service will certainly be sunk! It will certainly destroy me!

CARRIER: One bag of rice will “mess up” you?

VENDOR: A bag this large will!

CARRIER: Well after that…

STORYTELLER: The carrier stopped briefly, as if reasoning.

CARRIER:  Possibly we can pertain to a concession. Exactly how around if today you give away 3 bags of rice – the quantity I initially established as your reasonable share. After that following month, I’ll return for the remainder that this large bag will certainly hold!

STORYTELLER: The vendor started to shiver and also sweat much more.

VENDOR:  However – that’s even more rice than I offer in a year! Or a years! There’s no other way I might –! I imply I couldn’t potentially – ! UGH!!!

STORYTELLER: The carrier connected and also laid a mild hand on the upset vendor’s shoulder.

CARRIER: Okay, all right. New concession. This month, and also each month, you contribute your 3 bags. And also when it comes to the remainder that this large bag will certainly hold, you can supply it to the royal residence any kind of day you want.

VENDOR: Any Kind Of day I desire…?!??

CARRIER: Well, any kind of day other than Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Do we have an offer?

STORYTELLER: The vendor bowed his head. He recognized he had actually been bested at his very own video game.

VENDOR:  Yes, Carrier. We have an offer.

STORYTELLER: Afterwards, the rice vendor ended up being a various individual, never ever missing out on an opportunity to offer to those in requirement. With aid from the brilliant carrier, he discovered to be much less tight-fisted, and also extra open-hearted, on a daily basis of the week.

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